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Virginia Supreme Court Certified Mediator, Skyes The Limit Life Coaching Services

Imagine a relationship in which the focus is totally on you, on what matters most to you, and on what will energize you to get what you really want in your personal and professional life. Like having your own personal guide on the journey of life - I'll help you develop and maintain focus, create structure and encourage you to stay on track. That's what having a coach is all about. We will work together - a life coach is your partner, providing the framework for working on your priorities.
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  • Ethical
  • Healing
  • Happiness

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For Whom I May Be Helpful

Life Coaching For Men

Become a ruthless detective - be willing to uncover the obstacles that keep you from living the life you want. Then, do whatever it takes to motivate yourself to make changes - ask for help from a trusted friend, family member or professional.

Life Coaching For Women

Take time for yourself each day - whether calling a friend for support, fixing a healthy meal, meditating, writing in your journal, walking or simply sitting quietly to reflect. Spend quality time alone to discover the benefits of nurturing yourself.

Mediation Services

ACT AS IF... Acting as if you already possess the qualities (patience, kindness, willingness, courage or whatever you desire) will help you model the behavior you want, then with regular practice... you will soon own the new attribute.

About Skyes The Limit Coaching

Accredited and Affiliated

Accredited by and affiliated with Coach Training Alliance (CTA), member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and Toastmasters International (TI).

As a life coach, Pie Dumas focuses her clients on positive, innovative methods to develop greater enthusiasm and motivation to 'feel' a heartfelt, authentic connection to their lives.

Supporting her clients through a purposeful process to reveal their own inner answers, Pie offers challenge and brainstorming, helping to create a dynamic new vision—while encouraging forward movement toward their goals & intentions.